Steve Eves' 1:10th Scale Saturn V
News Coverage
May 1, 2009
Fox News
America's Newsroom

with Bill Hemmer & Megyn Kelly
Includes exclusive on-board
video from ROCKETS Magazine.
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April 29, 2009
"Rocket Men"
by Chris Landers
April 27, 2009
"World's Largest Model
Rocket Launch Is Blazing Success
April 27, 2009
"Rocket Record: The Largest, Heaviest
Amateur Rocket Ever Launched

April 24, 2009
"Amateur Rocket To Fly
From Eastern Shore
WJZ TV 13 - Alex DeMetrick
April 21, 2009
Tech-411 with
Oscar Santana & Todd Moore

(Windows Media Audio, 5.35Mb)
April 20, 2009
"Rocket Man Ready For Launch"
April 20, 2009
"World's Largest Model
Rocket to Lift Off Saturday
April 13, 2009
"One man's quest to honor
America's Saturn V rocket
April 3, 2009
"Lake's Rocket Man"

Akron Beacon Journal
February 20, 2009
"Rocket builder shares spotlight
with NASA astronauts
August 10, 2008 - Front Page Feature
"Lake Township man aims high"

CantonRep Interview

Extended Interview

Cleveland Ohio

"Rocket scientist' counting down"




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