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ROCKETS Magazine was proud to sponsor
MDRA's Mach Madness contest at LDRS 28!
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The goals in the Mach Madness contest are to build and fly the rocket that ascends at the highest speed while staying under the waiver and to HAVE FUN! The contest gives all participating rocketeers the chance to put your "Motor Where Your Mouth Is" and show us "Who Is The Baddest In The Land". Prizes will be awarded from the generous donations by our Vendors. The person who flies the fastest rocket in the Mach Madness Contest will be called "The Fastest at LDRS 28". He or she will have the bragging rights to being "The Baddest In The Land".
Mach Madness is a skill event that will test the fliers’ ability to master all the elements necessary to survive high speed flights. Mach Madness will put you on center stage, where your abilities to design, simulate, build, fly and recover your project will be demonstrated at the biggest launch of the year.
LDRS 28 Mach Madness Rules.
Upon satisfying the TRA and LDRS 28 launch requirements the rules for Mach Madness are as follows:
  • Stay under your waiver.
  • The rocket must ascend intact.
  • The judges must be able to read the data from the altimeter.
  • The rocket can be damaged on landing, get caught in power lines, trees, etc.
  • There must be a recording altimeter on board.
  • The judges will accept data downloaded from commercially available data-logging altimeters including: ARTS I, (Data Analyzer V1.5), ARTS II (Data Analyzer V1.6.1), Altacc (Flight Analyzer V1.04), G-Wiz (Fight Viewer V2.8.1), RDAS (V 3.6) and Parrot V2
  • The altimeter data are downloaded into the Judge(s) onsite laptop after the flight.
  • You have until the end of the Mach Madness to find and download your altimeter.
  • The highest recorded Velocity will determine the winner.
  • Judges' decisions are final.
Registration will occur at the ROCKETS Magazine tent daily during the launch. Get your rocket RSO’d and step over and sign up for Mach Madness.
Downloading of flight data will occur at the ROCKETS Magazine tent at times posted at the launch.
Mach Madness Flights will be clearly indicated on the flight cards.
Vendors that want to show their support for the fliers that are participating in Mach Madness can send their intent and prize listings to editor [at] libertylaunchsystems [dot] com. Since the event will run through Monday July 6, we are suggesting that the participating vendors provide gift certificates that will be used as prizes, as some of the winners may leave the launch before the end of the event. All participating Vendors will be prominently displayed on the ROCKETS Magazine web site and featured in the up coming cover to cover issue of LDRS 28 in ROCKETS Magazine.
Some of TRA and LDRS 28 launch requirements to keep in mind:
1. All flights must conform to the TRA Safety Code and PYRO field limitations, including the following:
Metal in High Power Rocket Construction
RSO Guidelines
High Power Safety Code
2. Procedures for high altitude flights.
The waiver for the field in Potter NY is 15,000' AGL. There will be scheduled waiver windows to 23,000' AGL. Please also enter your Mach Madness flight in the LDRS 28 Featured Project List. Mention the Mach Madness contest in the Notes area of the form. The LDRS 28 RSO’s and Organizing Committee will have the final say whether your project makes it to the pad or not. Once you have complied with the above-stated rules, you can register for Mach Madness.
There are other commercially available data logging altimeters. The judges do not own and are not familiar with them. The judges have access to those listed in the rules above. If you have another commercially available data logging altimeter that reports maximum velocity in the software (examples are PICO and Control) and you can load the analysis software on to the judges’ laptop on the field, it may be allowed. Judges decisions are final.
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